Malta Casino License

What is the Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is the official national regulator for gambling companies and services in Malta.

The MGA oversees all gambling operations, both online and offline, which operate from within Malta or which offer their services to residents of Malta. The organisation is responsible for safety initiatives, licensing, company regulation, lawmaking and more, and it has authority over any gambling service which operates under the terms of its permits and licences.

Malta Gaming Authority Explained

The Malta Gaming Authority was established to manage gambling operations across the European nation of Malta, and it is jointly responsible for the regulation of the gambling industry within Maltese borders. This includes physical casinos, online gambling services, remote gambling operations and national lottery games.

The authority describes its aims as follows: to “ensure gaming is fair and transparent”; to “prevent crime and corruption”; to “protect vulnerable and minor players”. They are responsible for lobbying the Maltese government when it comes to reforming and updating gambling laws, and they also share responsibility with crime prevention authorities in relation to tackling illegal gambling and associated criminal activities. The MGA aims to ensure that gambling is fair, restricted to adults and safe to take part in – as well as ensuring that gambling profits are not used for illegal or immoral activities.

The Malta Gaming Authority is also responsible for matters relating to permits and licences. If a new gambling company, casino or lottery wishes to establish itself in the country, it will need to get the appropriate permission from the MGA – as well as from relevant local authorities. Any licensed gambling service will need to submit to regular audits and inspections, submit performance and profit returns for assessment, and cooperate with local and national gambling regulations as set by the MGA and as defined by national law.

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